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How to Overcome Depression with proven principles - in the Real World.

Latest research reveals that to successfully overcome depression it's crucial that you first accurately understand the condition...

Understanding the Stress/Depression Relationship
The term “Depression” is derived from the Latin verb deprimere, "to press down" and it's nothing more than a word used to define a condition where the mind becomes overwhelmed (is pressed down) by excessive stressors which causes a temporary failure to effectively function. This explains why the most common initial response is lifestyle changes to reduce stress, followed by mediation. Unfortunately when your dealing with depression, medications by design, will never permanently overcome depression - Learn why.

But don't despair, because overcoming depression is most certainly achieveable and there are no prerequesites to success; many thousands of people successfully beat depression every year. In fact it’s not only possible but actually quite an empowering process once you understand the principle functioning of the mind. You've heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’; well nothing can be closer to the truth when you're dealing with depresion and the mind.

So if too much stress instigates depression then removing the stress will cure it right? In theory - yes, but unfortunately it's not that simple because that's not a "real world" solution to overcoming depression and it’s exactly the reason why depression is so prevalent in today's society – because you can’t simply avoid stress, it’s everywhere and everyday. Which raises the question, how much stress is excessive? And the answer to that is, it’s different for everyone depending on your individual stress tolerance threshold.

What is the stress tolerance threshold?
It’s defined as: The maximum amount of stress an individual’s system can tolerate while still maintaining a relaxed positive mindset.

Think of the mind like a muscle, exercise it regularly and it functions effectively, fail to exercise it and it becomes weak and ineffective. But if you over stress it the muscle tears, rendering it useless and a burden to the rest of the body.

The amount of force required to tear a particular muscle is different for everyone based on that persons previous physical conditioning. Likewise the quantity and intensity of stress required to instigate depression is different for everyone based on that persons previous life experiences. We all start with the same mind, but our individual life experiences shape it into what it is today.

Each and every one of your life's experiences and influences - right back to early childhood - combine to create your individual stress tolerance threshold. This is why one person can be the President who easily handles the stresses of running a country, yet by contrast, another person can be a waiter who finds it exceedingly stressful just trying to ensure they serve the correct meals on time.

How to deal with depression - Strategicaly.
How can you expect to win the war against depression unless you have a strategy of attack? Which techniques are powerful assets of strength and which are weak and ineffective? Where is your opponent of depression armour plated and where is its Achilles’ heel? Overcoming depression quickly and completely is entirely dependent on your strategy of attack. Knowing how and where to strike depression at its weakest point can ultimately prove the catalyst to your shining success or dismal failure.
Why has our unique approach to dealing with depression proven so successful?
Consider what happens when you overstress a muscle, it must be rested from use for weeks or even months to heal, and the same applies to the mind. Unfortunately because today's society is full of stressful commitments, it’s not always possible to just take a break and “switch off” your stressors. So we have developed a program to overcome depression in the real world by increasing your stress tolerance threshold instead. We know that life is hectic and our techniques allow you to keep all your commitments - without all the stress!

Through some of the latest advances in mental health research, we are now able to zoom in on the underlying cause of depression and breakdown its foundations. By increasing your stress tolerance threshold you're doing much more than just dealing with depresion, you're creating a permanent lifetime stress relief solution. Our program ‘How to Overcome Depression in the Real World’ is simple to apply, highly effective and most importantly it starts working immediately!

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